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This event took place in the Dawson Theatre on Saturday, May 25th, 2013. Tickets included a full day of programming and lunch! Our Line Up reflected the diversity of talent here at Dawson, of our Alumni and the broader Montreal Community. We featured 2 live musical performances and 9 incredible speakers!

Schedule Line Up For Speakers (as appeared in Program)

10:00 Host: Rodney Ramsey – Opens the show
10:15 Simon Davies: Reshuffling the Deck
10:25 Alex Izak: Rethinking Representation
10:30 Kate Bateman: Connecting Communities through Cans
10:40 Dilini Sumanapala: Giving Science Jounalism a Facelift
11:00 Henry Tsang: Designing the Green Planet
11:10 TED Talk Video Dean Kamen “Dean Kamen previews a new prosthetic arm”
11:15 James Watts: Impossible Dreams
11:30 Lunch in Upper Atrium
13:00 Diane Nalini: Songs from Outer Space
13:25 TED Talk Video Lee Cronin “Print your own drugs”
13:30 Daniel Goldsmith: The Universe on your plate
13:45 TED Talk Video Terry Moore “Why is X the Unknown?”
13:55 Pamela Rice : Enabling Girls by Connecting the Dots
14:15 Coffee Break in Upper Atrium
15:00 Monika Cefis & The Ukulele Orchestra
15:10 TED Talk Video John McWhorter “Txting is killing language. JK!!”
15:20 Dr. Gad Saad: The Evolutionary Roots of Human Decision Making
15:40 Director General Richard Fillion
16:00 – 17:00 pm Reception in Lobby